Seven is Violet. This is a day for stillness and going within. Meditation and spiritual awareness are supported. Try to spend time in nature. It’s time for rest. This is the real sense of “sabbath.” When we are racing through our days trying to do too much, this reminder to be at the “stillpoint of the turning world” can sometimes be hard to take. All of a sudden we may feel like we aren’t able to keep doing. It can feel like failure, exhaustion, or depression. But if we are willing to honor this day by slowing down and being quiet, not only will we not be going against the flow, but we can allow ourselves to be deeply refreshed and prepared to re-emerge into the regular activities of our lives.

Here is a palette of violets. Check your hair color. Is it light or dark? Is it a cool or warm tone? (For help, see the Color Me Beautiful site “Find Your Season”).

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