Nine is Soft Tints. This is a day for completion, tying up loose ends, attending to unfinished business, and putting things in order in preparation for a new beginning tomorrow. At the end of a project we clean up the work space, repair and recharge our tools, and put everything in order. We also give ourselves some psychological space to appreciate the end results of a project. The softness of these tints reminds me of the nurturing gentleness of giving ourselves credit. Take time to quietly reflect on what has been completed, and the lessons that have been learned. This moment of completion gives us a sense of wholeness and integrity and a taste of perfection. It’s important to allow ourselves to savor it.

Here is a palette of pale neutrals. Check your hair color. Is it light or dark? Is it a cool or warm tone? (For help, see the Color Me Beautiful site “Find Your Season”).

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