Would you like to know the good days to start projects, deal with money, be quiet and go within, or enjoy being at your social best? Would you like to know which color to wear that will almost guarantee compliments?  Thanks to the ancient system of Numerology we can enjoy a special insight into each day. Knowing your daily number and its associated color can guide how you plan, what you wear, and even what you eat.  You can use this information about your energy and tendencies for any given day so that you can support them rather than struggle against them. 

How does it work?
1. Click on CALCULATE to start with a simple calculation based on your birthday to determine your personal number for the year. From there you can easily find your daily number.
2.Each number corresponds to a color.  Each color/number has a “meaning.” Go to the COLORNUMBERS page to see the list of numbers and their corresponding colors and meanings, or click on the drop-down menu, chose the number, and click on it to find a colornumber page with more descriptive detail.

It’s easy and you’ll find all the resources you need to determine and understand your daily colornumber right here in this site.

I’ve also included links to other related sites that I like. And check my blog on the right for my personal musings on this theme. I hope you’ll enjoy bringing more of the joyous resonance of color into your days!